Ship chartering and operations

We maintain close relationships with first class charterers, traders and operators in both the dry bulk and container markets.

Different chartering strategies are applied according to the prevailing market condition and outlook in order to maximize the utilisation and earnings of the vessels.

Apart from collecting the correct freight on time, we pay close attention to the day to day operation of each voyage in order to identify and proactively sort out any unforseen situation or incident that may occur. This is crucial to save time and money which in turn maintain good relationships and results.

We further closely monitor that all contractual obligations and requirements are met in a satisfactory manner by the concerned parties.

As the maintenance and technical condition is crucial for the commercial prospect of every ship we constantly monitor the operation of each vessel in order to undertake necessary repairs and maintenance in a timely and efficient manner. Having a close, open and honest dialogue with the technical manager is something we consider to be a key success factor.